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About Us

Accelerating the speed that healing reaches those in need

Our Mission

Therapeutic antibodies have helped millions of people, including our own family members. Even though they are highly effective medicines, 90% of the antibodies being tested in labs today will fail to make it to clinical trials. Those that are approved by the FDA must pay for the failures - resulting in antibody therapies with costs of over $100,000.

Our mission is to leverage advances in computation to EVQLVe the cost and time of developing these life-changing therapies. We do this by failing in the computer, where it’s fast and scalable, as opposed to the lab, where it’s capital intensive, time consuming, and risky. We love to prove our skeptics wrong, and will keep doing it as we accelerate healing to those in need.


Our Vision

Therapeutic antibodies have been revolutionary in helping many people, however they can be ineffective in as many as 50% of patients. That’s because medicines are designed to work best for the greatest number of people - not to be most effective for you. With over 75% of doctor's visits leading to a one-size-fits-all prescription, the scale and urgency of this oversight requires new ways of thinking.

We envision a future where your doctor will design a medicine specifically for you - one that will work best for you, one that may only work for you. That is the dream of personalized medicine. And while reaching that future could take decades, an essential step is teaching computers to create medicines today. That is precisely what we work towards, everyday, here at EVQLV.

Our Team

Andrew Satz

CEO & Co-Founder

Brett Averso

CTO & Co-Founder

Ben Maida

Chief Business Officer

Borys Shor

CSO (Interim)

Alexander Sonneborn

Finance & Operations

Allegra Bonomi

Data Science

Brett Spurrier

Computational Biology

Eugenio Bacallao

Data Management

Jeff Snell

Machine Learning


Simeon Simeonov

Board Member

Borys Shor


Ken Moch


Roland Dunbrack


Ron Lennox


Slater Victoroff


Victor Greiff



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